Curtis Bonk is the at Indiana University (complete short bio and link to his bio).

The following resources were posted on YouTube with the video posted by Curtis Bonk titled Fostering Online Collaboration and Teaming located at

Collaboration Tools in Online Environments:

Virtual Teams:

Cooperative Learning:

High Tech Tools for Learning Groups:

Promoting Student Collaboration:

Group Project and Online Collaboration:

IU-specific Links:

IC -- Online Synchronous Communication & Collaboration Tools:

IC - Online Teaching and Learning Tools - Web-based Conferencing Tools:

What is the Connect Meeting Service?

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The following resources were posted by Curtis Bonk with the YouTube video titled Assessing Online Student Learning located at:

Faculty Focus: Assessing Online Learning

MSU: Student Assessment

UC Berkley: Collaborative Learning

The Teaching Professor: Assessment Tips

Faculty Focus: Online Discussion Forum -- Assessing what's important

Edutopia: Assessment Resources

EDUCAUSE: 7 things you should know about Assessing Online Team-based Learning