ELT7007 - Activity 11: Self-Reflection

The elements included on the wiki and in the PowerPoint presentation were selected to increase viewer engagement utilizing elements of content specific learning to convey copyright law as pertaining to fair use and copyright exceptions within the nonprofit educational setting. The elements presented on the wiki pages were designed to allow viewers to pick and choose what elements to view and to provide additional resources and examples for viewers to experience how other educational institutions presented copyright information. An introductory paragraph set the stage for the information and files posted on the wiki which included:
  • PowerPoint Presentation – posted from Slideshare for click and run viewing
  • Lecturer Notes – posted on a separate page and opens in a new window
  • Literature Review – posted on a separate page and opens in a new window
  • Review of Issues – review of copyright information specific to the nonprofit educational setting posted on a separate page and opens in a new window
  • Self-Reflection – posted on a separate page and opens in a new window
  • Examples in Action – links to other website to view how other educational institutions have developed end-user information along with policies, procedures, and processes
  • Additional Copyright Resources – links to other website for more information as presented by other educational institutions

The use of a wiki allows viewers to easily visit the site after an in-person or even a virtual presentation has occurred to access the information. Each element posted on the wiki was a smaller component normally contained within a written essay including (a) an introductory paragraph, (b) literature review, (c) outline of the issues covered in the presentation, (d) supporting statements linked to the presentation concepts, (e) real-life examples, (f) additional resources, and (g) the reference listing. The creation of a wiki required more time than a simple PowerPoint with lecture notes attached and also careful planning on how to lay out the information for viewers of the information. I found that incorporating the literature review and a review of the issues associated with the nonprofit educational setting as separate elements a way to support the novice copyright informed viewer as well as a good way to post supporting information for more experienced viewers without including too many details in the presentation.

The presentation was designed to highlight the fine balance between appropriate copyright uses and use by permission as a foundation to develop applicable policies and procedures. Copyright policies are one way to support students along with faculty and staff to be informed about copyright law and to learn how to avoid violating the rights of copyright owners through acts of infringement. I believe viewers will find the wiki to contain specific information in the presentation to comprehend what is needed to develop a copyright policy and will find in the literature review and the review of issues information needed to support items included in a copyright policy. The presentation and lecture notes could be enhanced by adding audio to better meet accessibility issues and to meet the needs of certain learning styles. The wiki pages provide a solid foundation for Southwestern to develop an appropriate copyright policy as well as procedures, processes, and training opportunities.